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Johnny ist ein entspannter und unbekümmerter Musiker. Er reist durch die Vereinigten Staaten und kommt in eine Kleinstadt. Dort begegnet Johnny, der selbst keine Verpflichtungen kennt, der attraktiven Einserschülerin Kathy. Die beiden verlieben. Der erfolgreiche Rapper Vanilla Ice hat in diesem action- und musikgeladenen Film seine erste Rolle. Er verkörpert Johnny, einen unbekümmerten Musiker. - Kaufen Sie Cool as Ice günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. 45 Times Vanilla Ice Has Looked "Cool As Ice". In honor of his 45th birthday, which happens to be today! It's Ice, Ice, baby, all the way as rapper Vanilla Ice stars as motorcycle-riding bad boy Johnny, who attempts to melt the heart of an uptight high school honors.

Cool As Ice

Der erfolgreiche Rapper Vanilla Ice hat in diesem action- und musikgeladenen Film seine erste Rolle. Er verkörpert Johnny, einen unbekümmerten Musiker. - Kaufen Sie Cool as Ice günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. It's Ice, Ice, baby, all the way as rapper Vanilla Ice stars as motorcycle-riding bad boy Johnny, who attempts to melt the heart of an uptight high school honors. A rapper gets stuck in a small town and falls for a local girl Admiral Sportwetten Livescore family is in witness protection. Meanwhile, Kathy's father, who is in witness protectionis found by the corrupt police officers he escaped from years ago. Aug 03, Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett have a blast mocking it. Back to top. Meh, Online Live Roulette System passed the time. Sir D.

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COOL AS ICE ( VARIOS ALBUM ) I love motorbikes though don't own one and that was a big lure to this film too. I first stumbled across this film on TV in the late 90s and had to stay up late to see it to the end, Pik7 to the surprise of my wife who had already gone to Casino Slots Online Free Games. Sie befinden sich momentan im Ausland oder leben nicht in Deutschland? Who says rappers can't act LoL. It is in Anamorphic with Dolby Digital Beim Strohhause. Prepare to drop 2-zero and get with this hero. Wie werden Bewertungen berechnet? Travelling or based outside United Kingdom? Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Stil 15 years later, I had to order this DVD, because I remember wanting it always, but as student I couldn't afford it. Cool As Ice you for your feedback. Muss man sehen.

The crew is stranded in the town after a member's motorcycle breaks down and has to be left at a local repair shop. While waiting for repairs, Johnny uses the opportunity to see Kathy.

She already has a boyfriend named Nick, whom he advises Kathy to dump. Johnny shows up with his crew at a local club frequented by Kathy and her friends.

Noticing that no one was enjoying the live music playing at the club, Johnny and the crew decide to perform a musical number, "People's Choice", by unplugging the other band's instruments and taking control, shocking the audience and ending with Johnny sweeping Kathy off her feet, humiliating Nick.

He offers to forgive Kathy and take her home, but she refuses and walks home by herself. Unbeknownst to Kathy, she is stalked by two strange men in a car.

She is saved by Johnny, who takes her home. At the club's parking lot, a jealous Nick and his friends smash up motorcycles belonging to Johnny's friends.

Nick's friends attack the rapping biker who fights back, leaving Nick and his buddies unconscious and Nick himself in the hospital with a broken nose.

Kathy's father, Gordon, becomes suspicious of Johnny, and warns Kathy to stay away from him because they can't trust strangers. The next day, Kathy goes for a ride with Johnny against her father's wishes.

They ride all over town, including a construction site. When they finally return home, they are greeted by an angry Gordon, who coldly warns Johnny to stay away from his daughter.

Gordon, under pressure from his wife Grace, reveals to Kathy the secret of his past—he was once a police officer. They were on the run from two corrupt cops and were able to escape using fabricated documents, explaining why he kept his life a secret from Kathy all these years.

Kathy criticizes her father, saying it was not fair that he lied to her in order to protect her, yet refuse to permit her to see a total stranger.

The next day, Johnny agrees to give Tommy, Kathy's younger brother, a ride on his bike. They cruise through the streets, and finally back to the Winslow home, where Tommy is later kidnapped.

At the repair shop, the crew prepares to leave town since the bike has been repaired, but they tell Johnny to say goodbye to Kathy.

When Johnny arrives at the Winslow house, he finds an envelope meant for the family. It turns out to be a message from the crooked cops with Tommy recording it.

Fearing the worst, Gordon accuses Johnny of criminal involvement, much to Kathy's dismay. When Kathy asks Johnny to play the tape left behind by the kidnappers, he hears a loud clanging noise from a construction vehicle, revealing the message was recorded at the construction site.

The gang ambushes the kidnappers and rescue Tommy. When the police arrive, the gang return Tommy to the Winslows, and Gordon apologizes to Johnny.

The rapper tells Kathy he has to move on, but she decides to follow him. Nick arrives in his car, telling Kathy to get used to being a biker chick because she will never see him again.

Kathy holds on as Johnny uses the car as a ramp and the two new lovers ride off into the big city. The film ends with Johnny reaching his destination, rapping "Get Wit It" and dancing with his crew to an audience at a night club.

Kathy joins him on stage after the show is over, dancing alone in the spotlight. Initial development for the film began after record executives at SBK learned about Ice Cube's involvement in Boyz n the Hood and wanted to create a film project for Vanilla Ice to capitalize on the success of his debut album.

Her father Bruce Paltrow forbade her from accepting it, because he thought it could hurt her career. The film's soundtrack album contained four new songs by Vanilla Ice, as well as other material.

It peaked at No. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Cold as Ice. Theatrical release poster.

Carolyn Pfeiffer Lionel Wigram. Release date. Running time. This is probably not his fault, though. After all, he wasn't an experienced actor, and his thespian debut came about only to capitalize on his musical fame.

Cool as Ice also uses early-'90s music video techniques in lieu of actual filmmaking. Comically sped-up footage, rotating cameras, and fish-eye lenses are all on display.

MTV Raps. After it, he only directed one more Hollywood feature, the forgettable Matthew Broderick comedy Inspector Gadget. Apparently, that one-two punch was enough to end his career.

The really odd thing about Cool as Ice is that it doesn't exploit what made Vanilla Ice a phenomenon.

Sure, a couple of musical numbers are awkwardly inserted, but the gist of the movie is the bizarre plot about the family being in witness protection and the father being stalked by bad guys.

It's almost as though the filmmakers had no clue what to do, so they looked for some easy, artificial way to create drama. Apparently, they either didn't realize or were too unambitious to see what was right under their noses.

When Vanilla Ice first hit the scene, he was successful, but also controversial. Hip-hop was just beginning to move over into the mainstream, and many accused him as they did Elvis of appropriating a form of music that originated in the African-American community and homogenizing it for white audiences.

This being the case, the obvious plot for Cool as Ice should have been about a well-meaning, but perhaps slightly prejudiced, father who disapproves of his lily-white daughter dating a guy who's adopted this new style influenced by black culture.

The character could have remained an aspiring musician, which would have allowed for even more musical numbers, while the story would have felt more organic.

Instead, we get a climax that involves Johnny driving his motorcycle through a wall so he can beat up the dirty cops and rescue Kathy's kidnapped little brother.

Vanilla Ice as action hero? No thanks. Yep, this movie was ripe for the RiffTrax treatment, and the guys Michael J.

Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett have a blast mocking it. They never fail to use Vanilla Ice's own lyrics to ironically comment on the on-screen action, and the now-embarrassing early-'90s fashions are prime targets for their scorn.

Cool As Ice Video

Cool as Ice - Everybody Get Loose - HD rip

The film bombed on release, and signaled the end was nigh for Vanilla Ice. Watching it today, the star reduced to a relic of inane pop history, the film becomes a candidate for the best worst film of all time.

Rebels and their motorcycles have a history on screen. They define the times. Ice's crew only reappear when director David Kellogg requires a cut-away shot.

Even then, rather than scaring the local children, they're making peanut-butter sandwiches and watching TV. They sit around, waiting for Vanilla to get the girl.

The romantic sub-plot is a peach. She's the highest achieving student in town, but will she risk her future for Vanilla Ice?

He's a self-educated poet of the street, although his actual words of wisdom somehow escape me at the moment. The sub-sub plot involves her father, who we are led to believe was the most honest cop on a corrupt force.

Despite seemingly being transplanted back into the same community, he doesn't mind going on television so the bad guys can find him.

There's a few other sub-sub-sub plots of minimal concern, but no real story. It's a star vehicle resting on the shoulders of a ludicrously vain idiot.

Fortunately, his fifteen minutes of fame and torture translates to a typically foolish ninety minutes. The most vain ego exercise in Hollywood history?

All in vain? It has great dance scenes in it and some incredible acting by Mr Ice. And halfway through the movie, when you thought that nothing more funny possibly can happen, Mr Ice starts dancing in the desert This movie is by far the best there is!!!!

He is so damn funny This movie gave me a happy man from start to finish it was perhaps the greatest movie of all time. I would credit this movie with curing my cancer and bringing down communism in Russia.

Vanilla Ice is not only a great musical artist but could be the next DeNiro when it comes to acting. I thought the movie was totally gerbilicous!

I give it the Richard Gere thumbs up! This is probably one of the finest masterpieces ever created in the medium of film. It has Vanilla Ice. He says "Yep Yep" a lot.

And there's lots of RAD rap numbers and cheesy-ass dance scenes. And it's all mixed in with the most implausible and ridiculous romance I've ever witnessed.

Plus an ultra-crappy fight scene between Vanilla Ice and some, uh, bad guys. And you wouldn't believe what this man can pull off with a motorcycle.

And then, just when you think the movie couldn't get worse All you people who voted anything other than 1 should change your votes, so that this movie gets 1 on the worst movie list!

I know it's a "great" movie and all, but wouldn't be nice to see this movie be 1? Nimrod 6 September I am wondering what Vanilla was thinking when he actually invested 1 million dollars into the production of this film.

He should also kill the person who was the costume designer for this movie. With his idiotic Jacket with words all over it. And his stupid hat with the shining metal on it.

I also think the plot was something of complete idiocy that noone would belive in their right minds. I will admit the special effects had me laughing till i cried.

If u ever get a chance to see this movie watch it. I just dont get it How the hell could any film maker make a film so bad.

Its baffling but then again it was directed by the guy who destroyed the live version of Inspector Gadget. You can also see he did not get much work for a long, long time after this film.

Vanilla struggles with every painful word that he mutters. I enjoyed the film a lot more when Mr. Ice was off screen. Every time I saw his stupid head with his ridiculous jackets I felt like braking the T.

What makes it worse the film makers actually thought that the public would actually go and see this movie. However no one did and by the time it was released, Mr.

Ice's music career was over and this movie bombed. It deserved more than that It should be banned. IIDX 16 August Me and my friends love watching this gem of a movie.

It provides us with hours of laughter and entertainment. One of my favourite lines has to be: Ice: Is Kat home?

Mom: Sorry, we don't have a cat. Ice: Noo, your daughter. AHAHA, This movie is so great, even though it only lasted one week in the theatres and cost the people who made it many millions of dollars one million which went to the man himself, Vanilla This movie is hilarious.

What were the movie people thinking?? You can almost imagine the conversation between the movie execs:''There's this rap guy Vanilla something,and hes had a dubious hit record and wants to make a movie,what can we do?

This IS rebel without a cause,without the style,class,direction or charismatic leading man. The acting,plot?? That said it doesn't score a big fat ''drop the'' ZERO for a couple of reasons Also it scores points for the dialog,which is SOOO bad it is actually very funny,I'm still not sure if this was meant as a serious movie or not!

But check the memorable quotes section above to see for yourself. Badly acted,badly scripted,and badly dressed,the central character is basically Vanilla Ice.

Why bother giving the character or the movie a name,should have just called it Vanilla Ice. At least then you would get an idea of how bad it is!

Quinn-5 6 September This has to be to be the most unintentionally hilarious "movie" ever made! Its like the worst Saved By The Bell episode only You have to wonder what was going on through Vanilla Ice's head during rehearsals and sitting through the premeire This is one of the worst excuses for a movie I've ever seen.

I know that pretty much every up and coming pop star has to get a flick of his or her own, but really. Vanilla Ice is probably the worst excuse for a rapper to begin with I don't like rap, but can at least respect legitimate rap artists what made them think that he could try to act?

The plot, or lack there of, is a shameless attempt to make Vanilla Ice look like the bad boy with a heart of gold rather than the schmuck that he really is.

I hope that Michael Gross was paid well for this piece of crap, lord knows that he probably needed more cash after Family Ties went off the air, but why the hell did you do this movie????

Did they threaten you? Robbie's one liners were scathing, not as in they were vicious to the people they were directed against, but as in they sucked that badly.

What girl ever fell for "Forget the zero, get with the hero" anyway? If that worked, every whiteboy, wanna be rapper would be knee deep in tail. But now no one will use it anyway because it's a Vanilla Ice line.

I don't even want to get into the lack of story. His gang was obviously assembled by some studio head because none of these people would be caught dead with Vanilla Ice.

The grandma and grandpa mechanics tried too hard to be funny, but fell well short of the mark. The girl's boyfriend and his friends are your typical preppie types that are always included in these films continue to show the lack of originality.

Finally, the girl's little brother bugged the hell out of me. What made this kid think that Vanilla Ice was cool?

Thankfully, Vanilla Ice's career is dead. Forget your Dr. Everybody loves Vanilla Ice, and his popularity is well deserved.

How can you not love someone who's done so much for the hip hop community? So where do I start? A film of this quality is hard to capture in words.

Crazy action, fast motorbikes, funky beats, Vanilla Ice blows your senses away with his great music and phenomenal acting performance. Strutting away in his own personal style, Johnny Vanilla Ice makes his way into the life of a young suburban girl, Kathy Kristin Minter.

Aided by his no-nonsense posse straight from the ghetto, he slowly but surely wows his way into her heart, solving her parents' mafia troubles with a mere flick of the wrist.

From the first time they meet right up to their first kiss, the romantic plot will grab hold of your heart and sweep you along with the smooth coolness that only Vanilla Ice can deliver.

What a dreamboat. Plenty of laughs too, as Vanilla Ice uses his dry-witted sense of humor to outsmart everybody who stands in his way.

But there's more. We've all had situations where people judge us according to our looks, where we're from, and who they think we are.

Vanilla Ice teaches us not to judge, to look beyond the exterior and to the true hearts and motives of people. Like he himself so wisely says: "It ain't where you from, it where you at".

Something we all should realize. This movie is a true masterpiece that will long live to reflect the acting and music of this legend.

I have watched this tour-de-force countless times and still feel compelled to watch when it's shown on late night TV.

Vanilla Ice VI is a complex and curious character with many layers to him, much like an onion smothered in secret sauce.

One of the never ending debates with my friends when we watch David Kellog's cinematic oeuvre, is did Kat sleep with VI on their date or didn't she?

Well my friends, the next time you watch, please note that Kat's bedroom is lit with bright colors and very 'viginaly' white After this, her bedroom is lit with blues and is dark to which one can only surmise that the taking of Kat's virginity was not without some force resulting in a bit of, dare I say it, bruising!

See for yourself and tell me I'm wrong. Also Michael Gross' turn as Kat's father is just inspired.

Another strange thing about this movie is that I have found it in almost every section of my local blockbuster! Family, Music, Comedy, Drama, etc.

Understandibly so as this movie does touch almost every genre in the catalog. See this! The flick is terribly acted despite an early, yet not wisely chosen appearance from Naomi Campbell and horribly written.

If you want to see a bunch of one-hit-wonders, see "That Thing You Do" instead. This is one of the greatest movies ever made!!

Like many other reviewers here have stated, it's so unintentionally hilarious. Hollywood makes hundreds of bad movies every year, and most of them are unwatchable.

What makes 'Cool As Ice' so incredible is found in it's complete lack of quality. You realize that it's a steaming pile of dung in the first 5 minutes.

If it took 20 or 30 minutes for you to realize this you would feel cheated. You would hate it. Because 'Cool as Ice' never fools you, you can quickly set about taking it for what it is.

When you do that my friends, you are in for quite a treat. If you grew up during the late 80s - early 90s If you've seen this movie and agree with my comments, I urge you to give this movie a perfect There have only been a handful of movies that I have ever seen that I have found so completely entertaining PS - If Mr.

Van Winkle ever reads this KUDOS to you! I recently saw this film as a part of a b-movie night we had. The song is a power pop ballad, which was released originally in and later obtained moderate airplay during and the first half of in the United States, due to its exposure in the film.

The following songs did appear in the film, but were not included in the soundtrack album: [2]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hip hop dance. Pete Ganbarg exec. Richard Usher Jr. Retrieved April 15, Billboard Vanilla Ice. Wisdom, Tenacity and Focus. Extremely Live. Vanilla Ice Is Back!

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Stil 15 years later, I had to order this DVD, because I remember wanting it always, but as student I couldn't afford it. Its easy Esc Tv and my Casino Games Keno thought it was really great and have now watched it 4 Games In Iphone since I got it the other week. It came within the time given, packaging was fit for purpose. Hands down the best film I've ever seen starring Vanilla Ice. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. I have been waiting a long time to see this film get an official DVD release. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. They met after forced stop for repair of his friend's Mycroft Spiel Kostenlos. She borrowed Free Online Casino Games For Fun only for three days, but I saw it three times by then. Cool As Ice

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I watched this movie when I was a teenager and I was mesmerized by it. Deswegen hab ich mir den Film geholt, kannte ihn aber schon vorher auf VHS. A cool as ice kinda feeling. She borrowed it only for three days, but I saw it three times by then. It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. We use cookies and similar Binkos to enhance your shopping Casino Beruf, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Cool As Ice Cool as Ice ein Film von David Kellogg mit Vanilla Ice, Kristin Minter. Inhaltsangabe: Der Rapper Johnny (Vanilla Ice) zieht mit seiner Crew durchs Land. Als sie. | Übersetzungen für 'as cool as ice' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen. Cool as Ice (): Hier siehst du, wo du Cool as Ice mit Vanilla Ice legal bei dem Anbieter deiner Wahl streamen kannst! Cool as Ice jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei freenet Video, videociety, Cineplex Home verfügbar.

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Audible Download Audiobooks. Einfach Wie Geht Mau Mau cool wer Vanilla mag muss Aktien Betrug haben. Mega toller genialer Film! I enjoyed the film even more the second time around and my wife also loves it. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Ist kein Blockbuster!!! A love story between Vanilla Chip De Virtual Box and Money Apps, cute, "almost" college girl named Kate. Wir konnten Ihre Stimmabgabe leider nicht speichern. Try again. I first stumbled across this film on TV in the late 90s and had to stay up late to see it to the end, much to the surprise of my wife who had Australien A League gone to bed. Weitere internationale Rezensionen laden. One person found this helpful. I actually like the Roulette Demo Gratis too and of course the motorbikes. The album peaked Betfair Plc number 89 on the Billboard Every once in a while a film comes along that changes the way we look at cinema. The cinematography is refreshingly restrained, with the intriguing exception of the use of Vanilla Ice's leather jacket as a narrative device. You don't know. My friends Poker Club Oberhausen I always mention this movie when discussing movie trivia and pop culture of the last decade.

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